Our students love their time with CodeUnion, but what happens when a workshop ends? More than you might realize!

The Benefits

  1. Participate in any future live session of a workshop for which you have been a member, free of charge.

    For example, if you have completed the Web Fundamentals workshop by July of 2014 and in August, you'd like to participate in any of the at that future time Web Fundamentals live sessions, feel free.

  2. Access all new curriculum released for workshops for which you have been a member, free of charge.

    For example, you finish a workshop and next month @zspencer builds some awesome clone of Dropbox/Hacker-News/SpoonRocket/Yelp/Space-x and you want to take it for a test drive, you will have access to it.

  3. Stay connected to the community through our slack channels.

    For example, someone posts a cool link about honey badgers... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUEYxcwkq4Q You will always have the ability to interact in our slack channels.

  4. Stay connected to the community through the facebook group including John's weekly coffee sessions, trips to cocktail bars and the occasional hackathon.


For example, you want to get highly caffeinated and write code... as if.... http://cl.ly/image/3g3G3C0g1105/Image%202014-07-23%20at%2011.38.56%20AM.png

  1. Once you have finished a workshop, for a nominal monthly fee you can continue to get feedback on your code.

    For example, you love what we did in our workshops, you don't want to do another workshop (that is totally cool) but you'd like to keep working on curriculum. You realized that yes, live sessions, coffee, John's jokes are all just a ploy to get you writing code and getting feedback on that code AND the process of getting feedback is where the MAGIC happens! For a small monthly fee, we will review your code in a timely fashion (24-48hrs). This will hopefully ensure your continued forward momentum.

We reserve the right to modify these benefits at any time.

If you have any questions => [email protected] - Happy Coding !